‘I Ended My Toxic Relationship, Overhauled My Diet, And Lost 65 Pound’

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‘Waking up every morning with a healthy body is the best gift I could have possibly given myself.’ By Justine Traver as told to Danielle Page 01 October 2018 © Courtesy of Justine Traver Fat loss is a journey, and for some, it involves a lot more than just changing their eating and exercise patterns—it’s a […]

What Is Keto Cycling-And Is It Safe

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Expert advice on the extreme fat loss planBy Jessica Migala 12 July 2018 © GettyJust when you think the keto diet plan has run out of steam (seriously, how many more variations can there be?) some new #ketocontent pops up. This time: keto cycling.All of these different keto plans—ACV and keto, keto for vegetarians, keto reset—stem from the same idea: […]

12 Things You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less To Help You Hit Fat Loss Goals

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This is not a drill. We repeat: This is not a drill.By Colleen de Bellefonds, extra words by Abbi Henderson 25 July 2018 © StocksyWhat if you could change your bod in the same amount of time it takes you to skim a recap of the latest Love Island episode?Okay, so you may not actually see a drop in body […]

Most Googled : Can Lemon Water Really Help Me Lose Weight ?

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According to the experts, the people who swear by it have been feeding you b.s.By Jillian Kramer 23 August 2018 © UnsplashDeliciously Ella, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow and the rest of Team Wellness guzzle hot water with lemon as if the liquid was bottled at the Fountain of Youth itself. Their reasons for doing so? These range from […]

What Is ‘ The Fast Metabolism Diet’—And Can It Help You Lose Fat ?

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It sounds pretty complicated…By Christine Byrne 27 September 2018 © GettyPut the word ‘fast’ in front of anything and it becomes infinitely more appealing. That rings doubly true when you put the word ‘fast’ before anything linked to fat loss—especially metabolism.The Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t technically new—it was first published in 2013 by Haylie Pomroy, who holds a […]

If You’re Stressing About Why You Can’t Lose Weight, Use This Checklist

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Avoid these simple everyday pitfallsBy Amelia Jean Jones and Alexia Dellner 11 September 2018 © StocksyYou’re exercising regularly, drinking eight glasses of water a day and being realistic with your calorie input vs. output—the magic formula for fat loss.So what on earth can the reasons you’re not losing weight be?They can be subtle but seriously significant for your fat […]

30 Fat Loss Study Findings You’Ve Probably Never Heard Before

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Sorting out fact from fiction when it comes to shifting the poundsBy Ruby Khatun and Ally Head 08 October 2018© StocksyIn the world of fat loss, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. There are so many different ways to lose fat—if you’re struggling to lose belly fat, should you count your macros, start […]

Gone For Lunch – Meet The 12 Best Lunches For Fat Loss Gone For Lunch

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Pack up and go with these flavoursome, nutritionally balanced meals that are the perfect midday pick-you-upBy Emma Pritchard 25 June 2018 © StocksyYou’ve made a vow not to spend your money on packet sandwiches or takeaway poke fish bowls but, instead, are going to join the food prep brigade by making your own nutritious lunches. Why? Because so many high street […]